Sand Socks were designed for use by both the professional and the casual beach or water sports athlete. Sand Socks provide protection and comfort for the occasional visitor to the beach or water while providing enhancement of an athletes athletic abilities in the surf or sand.

By protecting the soles of your feet from the hot sand, cold sand, dirt, mud, and stray objects, Sand Socks not only allow you to enjoy your outdoors comfortably, but safely. The rashguard ankles help to prevent blisters from diving fins or other outer footwear. Although Sand Socks will provide a level of protection to minor beach hazards such as small rocks, weeds, or rough objects, they are not designed for continuous exposure to such hazards. When dealing with rough surfaces, Sand Socks should be worn with shoes or sandals.

In addition, Sand Socks will enhance the abilities of the athlete on the beach or in the water. Sand Socks give better traction in the sand and the ability to jump higher and respond faster. Sand Socks cover the feet, integrating the toes together, much as "webbing” does for amphibians. By eliminating the open space between toes, without adding additional bulk or weight, Sand Socks provide a better platform on the sand and as a result, give more traction and surface area to the athlete, shortening physical response time and allowing the athlete to jump higher on the sand.

Hot Sand
Cold Sand
Dirt & Mud
Blisters & Rashes

Jump higher
Move faster
Have breathability under the socks
Wear them in water
Wear them under shoes or sandals


  • - DURABLE PROTECTIVE NEOPRENE SOLE Our tougher Duratex coated neoprene sole retains the same comfortable fit, while stronger on the bottom resisting abrasions from heavy sand or occasional rough objects and surfaces. Unlike the non-stretchable epoxy-coated soles of other water socks or swimming booties, Sand Socks are still form-fitted to your feet for optimized use on sand, not on hard or rough surfaces. - QUALITY UV RESISTANT SPANDEX We use only the highest quality Spandex with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+. We use only the highest quality, 4-way stretch, comfortable fit Spandex. - TOP QUALITY THREADS AND STITCHING Vincere Sports uses only high quality threads from the wetsuit and dive industries in the manufacturing of our Sand Socks. The composition of the threads (Nylon and Polyester content vs. cotton) is critical to the reliability of Sand Socks under the stresses and sun/sand/salt water conditions they experience. Less experienced manufacturers will choose improper threads and other materials from lower cost suppliers resulting in premature failures. For additional reliability, we employ a superb 4-needle locking flat stitch using 6 threads, unlike lower quality processes, such as 3-locking stitches. - OUR QUALITY GUARANTY AND WARRANTEE Vincere Sports proudly stands behind all of its products with a warrantee against all defects in materials and workmanship. We accept any returns up to 30 days from the date of sale for this purpose for immediate replacement.